Oct 17

Tranquility for Two

Everyone needs a breather every now and then: the to-do list at your office gets too thick and you’ve grinded too many hours for your patience to handle; the traffic simply doesn’t cooperate with you; or the wrong things get in the way of your fun-filled plans. Here at the Palms, we believe that your first stop for stress relief should always be your home, which is why we offer amazing luxury apartments of all shapes and sizes to help you make the most of your space.

Our two-bedroom floor plan stands out through its cozy space – approximately 1,068 square feet, to be precise – and its outstanding amenities. Both the master and guest bedrooms are capable of fitting king-sized mattresses and connect to their own expansive walk-in closets, letting you organize your favorite outfits and accessories with ease; the master bedroom also connects to its own bathroom, so worrying about bathing schedules is a thing of the past. Kick your feet up and binge your TV shows in the large living room, or bring in your hobbies and make your home pop. Cook up some comfort food in the open kitchens, featuring plenty of cabinet space and an extra dining room perfect for a table to gather around. Finally, cozy up by the fireplace in the living room during the chilly winters, or take a deep breath of fresh air under the warm, summer sun on the private patio.

Make the best of your stress relief time right at home here at The Palms. Explore our beautiful luxury apartments in Phoenix today, and see if our two-bedroom model is the right fit for you.


Oct 17

Scarizona Scaregrounds: Fright in the Desert Night

Fear is a natural part of our lives; it’s the way our bodies try to cope with unpleasant circumstances or – in extreme cases – give us a sense of flight or fight in moments of panic. Some people fear clowns, others can’t stand spiders; some don’t like being more than two stories in the air, others don’t like being enshrouded in darkness; some would rather die before getting tortured, others would rather die before their loved ones do, and other still would rather not die at all. Sarizona Scaregrounds is the place to experience all levels of fear.

Whatever your fear is, our luxury apartments at The Palms give you the neighborhood attraction to explore every one of them this Halloween. Located only twelve miles away from our homes stands the terrifying Scarizona Scaregrounds, open just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year. This huge horror theme park features four unique and terrifying haunted house attractions: walk through a house in pitch darkness, where all sorts of creatures and nightmares lurk in the shadows; explore the mad machinations of a humanoid Pigman and try to escape the slaughterhouse; delve into your deepest fears and try to stay as long as possible (though don’t fret if you fail, for some people have been known to flee only a hundred feet away from the entrance;) and immerse yourself in a zombie apocalypse with paintball guns. Tickets are available online for general admission, though special VIP passes, fast tickets, group discounts, and other promotions may alter pricing. Keep in mind that many of these attractions contain disturbing imagery, so parents use discretion when bringing kids younger than thirteen.

Give yourself the scare of a lifetime here at The Palms. Take a tour of our wonderful luxury apartments in Phoenix today, and then dare to venture to the Scarizona Scaregrounds this Halloween.


Oct 17

The Home of No-Boredom

Boredom is one of the worst things to experience: it may not necessarily stem from a lack of things to do around you – though it certainly doesn’t help, but if you get caught doing the same things over and over for enjoyment, the repetition keeps them from being fun anymore. It’s nice, therefore, to refresh the experience, to try something new – whether it’s a new restaurant in town or an activity you’ve always wanted to break into – and break your daily rut for a few minutes.

Here at The Palms, our luxury apartment community has something to offer for everyone, making it easy to avoid the dreaded feeling of boredom. For starters, what better way to fend off the sweltering Phoenix summers than with a quick dip in the pool? Our resort-style pool is large enough for any level of swimmer to enjoy, and includes a soothing hot tub, private poolside cabanas, and a spacious deck perfect for soaking in the sun. Need an excuse to roll off the couch and start a new exercise routine? We have a state-of-the-art fitness center, complete with modern cardio and strength training equipment to maximize your workout, along with quick access to many wonderful scenic hiking and jogging trails. Bring in your closest friend and family together through our great outdoor barbeque and picnic area, or stay in the shade of our exclusive air-conditioned club house. Finally, let your furry best friends join in all the fun, thanks to our pet friendly facility.

Escape from the doldrums of normalcy here at The Palms. Explore our stunning luxury community in Phoenix today.


Sep 17

Surround yourself with Luxury Apartment and Community Features

Enjoying a luxury lifestyle can happen wherever you find life most comfortable. At The Palms luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona, comfort and luxury abound. Find the right layout or floor plan among some of the most innovative and beautiful designs around. Indulge yourself to an exclusive list of apartment and community features you will love to enjoy and love to share. Whether you choose to spend your time in for a long weekend or on the go, your perfect life starts here at the Palms.

Comfort starts with ease

Many times enjoying a comfortable life means starting with an easy life. And the luxury at The Palms abounds with easy living amenities. Think about where you will spend most of your time outside your bedroom. Whether you aspire to be a gourmet chef or not, you will find the features in your gourmet kitchen wonderful. Whether you are making a fancy meal or a batch of hot pockets, you have everything you need. Kitchens should be as functional as they are beautiful, so feel free to enjoy the frost-free refrigerator. A perfect complement to the microwave no matter what you are cooking. Easy cleaning is a must after any meal, so let the garbage disposal handle the mess from the dishes before you hand off to the modern dishwasher. When you are finished in the kitchen take some time to relax on the balcony. You will love the view.

Surround yourself with the luxury apartment and community features you deserve at The Palms, luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona today!


Sep 17

World Cuisine, Steps from your Door

Enjoying the finest dining from classically trained chef’s doesn’t have to involve your passport. When you live at The Palms luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona, you can have the world of cuisine just outside your door. No matter the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, there is always space for the life you want to live. Enjoy perfectly designed apartment and community amenities featuring plenty to love and even more to share. Happiness isn’t limited to your time at home. Enjoy the surrounding vibrant neighborhood with plenty of experiences just waiting to thrill you. Pull up a chair.

Enjoy Arizona’s Only Classically Trained Chef

Featuring a menu that changes daily, you can enjoy the incredible results at Vincent on Camelback. In their own words “Vincent Guerithault, chef/owner of Vincent on Camelback, is considered by many to be Phoenix’s culinary prize. For 30 years, Vincent has been combining his expertise in classic French cooking with Southwestern ingredients to create a unique blend of flavors that has become his signature. His style is constantly evolving. Recently he’s brought more of a Provençal flair to his menu, reaching deeper into his French roots. Critics note that his food is always intriguing and inspiring. Patrons say it’s sumptuous.” When you are ready to take your palate and dining experience to a new level, you’ve found it here.

Take a trip to enjoy world cuisine by just stepping outside your front door when you live at The Palms luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona today!



Sep 17

Your Home Under the Sun

Enjoying a vigorous outdoor lifestyle doesn’t have to end when you choose to live with luxury in your life. That’s why having it all is easy when you choose to live at The Palms luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona. Featuring apartment and community amenities beyond your wildest expectations, you will discover plenty to love and plenty to share every day. No matter what designer layout or floor plan you choose, you will always find plenty of space to live the life you have always dreamed of. Live boldly today.

Hit the Trails

Part of enjoying the outdoors at The Palms is how easily you can reach it. One of the gems of the suite of community amenities, the hiking trails are perfect to keep fit. Enjoy a stroll or run under the sun and the perfect Arizona sky as you run the hiking trails whenever the mood strikes you. Whether you’re an early morning walker or a sunset runner, you will find the challenge you are looking for. If the weather chooses not to cooperate, but you are still due for your 5 miles, you can always opt for the fitness center. Featuring state of the art cardio and other workout equipment you can always find the work out you need. When it’s a rest day, or just some time off, you can enjoy the pool and spa to relax the stress away.

Enjoy a home under the sun when you live at The Palms luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona today.

Sep 17

Kitchens Fit for Kings

Learning to cook is a necessity; after all, whether you’re a maestro over the stove or your skills don’t extend that far from the frozen food pavilion, everyone needs to eat, and being able to make great meals is one of the easiest ways to make friends. Thankfully, our luxury apartments here at The Palms have stunning kitchens and other amenities to make sure you’re the perfect host to any family gathering, work luncheon, or a simple friend hangout with snacks.

For starters, our contemporary style kitchens come fully equipped with anything you need to maximize your efforts in culinary practice without too much exertion. Our modern appliance package includes a frost free refrigerator, great for keeping your leftovers and ingredients fresh; a dishwasher to shorten the time spent on getting rid of that cumbersome, caked on grease; a microwave to heat up quick meals or to defrost frozen meats in a heartbeat; and a garbage disposal for those moments when an experimental recipe turns into a full-fledged disaster. Keep your den at the perfect temperature using the ceiling fans in the living and bedrooms, or by using the toasty fireplace in the living room. Save yourself some time in moving with fully furnished apartments or short-term leases for corporate ventures. Finally, enjoy your meals al fresco right out on the spacious private balconies.

Taste something delightful right at home at the Palms. Take a tour of our open luxury apartments near Phoenix today to browse our cozy amenities and find the right home for you.


Aug 17

A Restful Abode by the Desert

Most deserts are seen as desolate stretches of sand, dust, and immense heat that couldn’t house any sense of life, but you’d be surprised at the actual value they have. So long as you have proper shade, there’s so much to admire about them, and of course the cooler evenings go a long way. Here at the Palms, our luxury apartments ensure you can experience the best of desert living, offering more than just a shelter from the hot sun.

Our one-bedroom floor plan, for example, has approximately 801 square feet of space to spare, meaning that you have plenty of room to set out your furniture and décor however you like. The main bedroom can accommodate a king-sized mattress, making easy rest at night time a breeze, and it connects to a large walk-in closet for easy organization of your clothes and accessories. Make your living room the perfect den of relaxation, with ample room for your favorite couch, TV set, and other hobbies; there’s even a fireplace to warm up your body during the chilly winter. Cook up your meals in the open concept kitchens, including plenty of pantry space for stocking groceries, a raised bar for convenient snacking, and additional dining space to set down a nice table for you and guests to enjoy food together. Finally, take a breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in the pleasant evenings out on the private balcony, or store your miscellaneous items and moving boxes in the extra storage bin.

Make yourself the perfect home in the hottest of climates here at The Palms. Browse our luxury apartments and see if our one-bedroom model is the right fit for you, but act fast; there’s only one open apartment left for leasing.

Aug 17

Floating Towards Adventure

Unless you’re not a huge fan of heights, nothing’s quite as exhilarating as a hot air balloon ride: the balloon itself is a colorful vessel, soaring hundreds of feet off from the ground and exposing the riders to the open air in order to offer an amazing view right from the basket. What better way to look out at the beautiful deserts of Arizona than with a bird’s eye view? Here at the Palms, our great location in Phoenix gives you access to some of the best hot air balloon tours in the state, so you can fly no matter the occasion.

Hot Air Expeditions offers some of the best hot air balloon tours in the state, offering more than a fantastic view. Their large baskets make you feel weightless as you float in the air from heights as high as 5,000 feet as you tour the beautiful sights in the Sedona desert, perfect for taking wonderful panoramic shots. Bring in your significant other for a romantic date in the clouds, or invite the family together for a birthday celebration of a lifetime. Tickets are available for both morning and sunset tours, and each flight offers complimentary morning breakfast or evening hors d’oeuvres for an extra treat. Direct transportation to the airport via hotel is also allowed, if you have visitors coming in from out of state; otherwise the take-off point is located at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, approximately twenty miles – or a thirty-minute drive – away from our apartment complex. You can even opt for a package deal that includes admission to the nearby Musical Instrument Museum.

Take a flight and loosen your worries here at The Palms. Explore our lovely apartments in Phoenix to find a perfect home, and then celebrate with Hot Air Expeditions for the ride of a lifetime.

Aug 17

Making Your Business Easy

Whether you own a small business and you want to get a good foothold in a nice city, you’re a manager in a big office downtown, or perhaps you’re even a traveler taking assignments and projects from across the country, there’s no reason not to make yourself comfortable when the day is done. Here at The Palms apartments in Phoenix, we ensure that workers of all realms can stay at ease, with community amenities to help shave down your errands and focus on what you really want in life.

For starters, many employers in the Phoenix area offer major discounts, so you can save up to hundreds of dollars every year and use it for whatever you like. Rushing to the leasing office to turn in a check is no longer an issue; we offer several online payment options – e-check, MoneyGram, and credit/debit card – so you can pay rent at the click of the mouse and conserve paper resources. If you’re only in town for a few months on a business trip, we have short term leases available so that you can find a comfortable home right by your work and then pick yourself up without an issue. Our convenient location gives access to public transportation, like the bus, so that you can save on gas and explore the neighborhood shopping and dining venues. Finally, our covered parking and gated entrance ensures that you have a nice, cool spot to park your car in without having to spend too much time searching or cooling down your ride in the summer.

Let your ambitions run free and your mind feel at ease here at The Palms. Explore our luxury community today to browse our amazing features and amenities.


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